Our goals

Ultimately, our goal is that the fossil site Birk Knowes SSSI, but also other fossil localities in Scotland, become accessible to science once again. This is not possible at the moment, for these reasons:

1. As shown on this website, Scottish Natural Heritage, the government body responsible for fossil sites, are incapable of managing them.

2. Scottish Natural Heritage is not above falsifying reports to keep a fossil site like Birk Knowes closed, nor are they shy about rigging an investigation to cover this up. This organisation has integrity issues.

3. Even SNH senior management, including their CEO, approves of the misconduct of staff, which means that there will be no change in this situation.

4. As there appears to be no accountability for misconduct at Scottish Natural Heritage, (crooked) staff remain in charge of these fossil sites and appear to do everything to minimise or make it impossible to conduct palaeontological research at protected fossil sites.

The above is why it is important that we expose what Scottish Natural Heritage has done, especially considering that it is a government agency who should be held to certain standards.

Important note: This website represents an account of events from researchers who were active at this fossil site prior to its closure. The most important facts of this website are supported by written documentation in the form of letters, emails, reports, postcards, newspaper articles, scientific papers, etc. Certain details of lesser importance are oral accounts, but the gist of what is told here does not rely on them.