1.10 Fake news about Birk Knowes

In this section a number of news items are shown concerning the Birk Knowes fossil theft and its aftermath (some of these news items appeared earlier). These news items were first released after the stolen fossils were sold to the Humboldt Museum, which was four years after SNH encountered Edinger at Birk Knowes. SNH kept quiet about it all this time because it was embarrassing to them. But once the fossils were sold to the Humboldt Museum, SNH had no choice but to go public. As such the news items shown here were attempts by Scottish Natural Heritage at damage control. They contain quite a bit of misinformation and omitted details to create a favourable narrative for them. While not every story reveals its source, the lack of criticism about SNH should give a reasonably good idea about who was behind it.

To highlight the fake news, each item will be presented with commentary. The items also contain a lot of nonsense about fossils and fossiling that stems from SNH knowing next-to-nothing about this. This will also be elucidated. Some of the corrections are repeated because SNH kept making the same mistakes.

The news items are provided in chronological order:


Next we will look at the outcome of this affair.

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