Scottish Natural Heritage staff misconduct

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is a Scottish government agency responsible for, among things, the management and protection of important fossil sites throughout Scotland. This website documents how this organisation allowed a world-class fossil site to be ransacked for many years, and how this fossil site is being mismanaged to this day. Scottish Natural Heritage has tried to cover up the truth about what happened. They provided media with partial truths, falsified important documents, and their own investigation into staff misconduct. This has happened with the knowledge and backing of SNH’s senior management, including their CEO. There are two main stories concerning this affair which can be found on the right of this page.


14-01-2019. How Scottish Natural Heritage Chief Francesca Osowska sweeps staff misconduct under the rug

We informed the boss of Scottish Natural Heritage about the misconduct of her staff. Unfortunately, her response was in line with SNH policy: sweep all staff misconduct under the rug and ignore criticism. While her attitude is unbecoming of the boss of a government agency, we can draw important conclusions from her response.


29-12-2018. Ross Johnston, SNH Senior Management’s response to accusations of staff misconduct

We have received a response about our website from Ross Johnston, SNH Head of Operations. It can be read in chapter 3.3 and it has been added to the additional information section on the right. Sadly, SNH still turns a blind eye to the misconduct of its staff. Furthermore, as Ross Johnston’s response is riddled with falsehoods we provide extensive commentary.