Corruption within Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

Welcome to This website has been made to publicise corrupt elements within Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), the Scottish government agency responsible for the management and protection of important fossil sites throughout Scotland. The focal point of this website is Scotland’s most important fossil site known as ‘Birk Knowes SSSI’. SNH allowed this world class fossil locality to be plundered for many years by illegal collectors. When this became public they lied to the media about their shortcomings and lied about the condition of the fossil site by falsifying important documents. To round it up they allowed the SNH staff member responsible for this to lead the investigation about his own fraudulent documents.

Chapter 1 (on the right) is about the plunder of the site and Scottish Natural Heritage’s attempt to cover this up. Chapter 2 is about how the site was closed by falsifying documents, and what SNH did to cover this up as well.